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ASCO Fluid Control Solenoid Valves for South Carolina

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ASCO is the innovative, creative, and state-of-the-art leader for the control of fluids, combining over 100 years of experience with high technology. I&M Industrials has been a Master Distributor for over forty years serving South Carolina clients from the Greenville SC location. Please contact us for any of your application needs.

For quick reference to the most common valves, please check out the ASCO Today catalog. This is a large file and may take a few moments to download.

ASCO Numatics has also avaiilable the ASCO Flow Calculator, a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Find the app in the respective app store under ASCO Flow Calculator. This app features the ASCO Flow Calculator, which enables users to quickly calculate flow for a valve or determine the Cv needed to properly size a valve. Additionally, the Fluid Guide provides reference information on the types of valves available for most common corrosive and non-corrosive gases and liquids.

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ASCO Red Hat Next Generation - ASCO Red Head valve

solenoid valveThe RedHat Next Generation revolutionary new power management technology sets new industry standards for reliability and power consumption. The new line of solenoid valves accepts both AC and DC voltages while improving performance. These 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves are designed to handle most fluid control applications.

  • Now available with Class I, Division 2 approvals
  • Increase in DC pressure ratings to AC levels on all products (up to 500% improvement)
  • Lower power operation (2-watt solenoid delivers the same performance as a traditional 17-watt AC solenoid)
  • Voltage ranging provides standard solutions to special voltage requirements, such as global usage, voltage fluctuations, and specialty applications
  • Built in surge suppression eliminates the need for a separate surge suppression diode
  • Elimination of AC hum

ASCO Red Hat - ASCO Red Head valve

The solenoid is an electromagnetic part of a valve, comprised of a coil, coretube, core and enclosure. ASCO Redhat brand offers the worlds largest selection of 2, 3, and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.ASCO Red Head Valve

  • 2-Way - One inlet and one outlet, and are used to permit and shut off fluid flow. The two types of operations are “Normally Closed” and “Normally Open”.
  • 3-Way - These valves have three pipe connections and two orifices. When one orifice is open, the other is closed and vice versa. They're commonly used to alternately apply pressure to and exhaust pressure from a valve actuator or a single acting cylinder. These valves can be normally closed, normally open or universal.
  • 4-Way - These valves have four or five pipe connections, commonly called ports. One pressure inlet, two cylinder ports providing pressure to double acting cylinder or actuator, and one or two outlets to exhaust pressure from the cylinders.
  • Direct Mount - These Series are standard 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves whose NPT pipe connections and mounting configurations have been replaced by NAMUR mounting configuration. This allows each valve to be mounted directly to an actuator without the use of hard piping or tubing.
  • Dust Collector - These series are high-flow fast-opening 2-way valves, pilot valves, pilot valve enclosures and bulkhead fittings that have been specially designed for use in dust collector systems.
  • Group Mounted - These series are 2-way, 3-way and 4-way 2-position valves that are designed for gang mounting into different quantities of valves. Any combination of normally closed, normally open or universal valves may be grouped together.
  • Isolation - Isolation valves incorporate a diaphragm that shields the fluid flowing through the valve from the internal solenoid components making them ideal for handling corrosive or high purity fluids. These valves are available with in-line porting or manifold constructions and in a wide variety of inert materials.
  • Manual Reset - These series are standard 2-way, 3-way and 4-way 2-position valves that use a manual reset assembly in replacement of the solenoid. They are designed to prevent inadvertent valve startup in their designed failure modes. These series are available in no voltage release, electrically tripped, and free handle constructions as well as latched open or latched closed for 2-way valves.
  • Medical/Analytical - Micro-Miniature General Service, Isolation, and Pinch valves for the reliable control of fluids and gases in medical equipment and analytical instrumentation.
  • Pinch - Pinch valves are designed to control the flow of fluid by locating soft tubing in a mechanism that "pinches" the tubing to block flow and releases to allow flow. Pinch valves are suitable for corrosive fluids, high purity applications, or fluids with particulate.
  • S Series - ASCO commercial application solenoid valves. Developed and engineered with ASCO's global resources. ASCO S is a compact solution for 2-way, 3-way and steam valve applications and can operate in 15░F to 125░F ambient temperature locations. This solution includes DIN connection for easy wiring, compact brass bodies and encapsulated coils. Options include 15" leads, alternate elastomers, manual operators, and mounting brackets.
  • Options/Accessories - ASCO offers a wide variety of accessories and optional features to meet your specific application requirements.

ASCO 8290 Angle Body Piston ValveASCO Red Head Valve

Heavy duty angle-body piston valve Model 8290 for tough applications including corrosives, light slurries and steam. Available in normally closed and normally open constructions with bronze and stainless steel bodies and PTFE discs.

ASCO's 2-way piston operated process valve assembly with HS series position indicator, and solenoid pilot valve. A cost effective alternative to an actuated ball valve assembly, this linear on/off valve is your stand alone solution that can be used in a variety of applications. Versatile, proven, and reliable, the 8290 series process valve is available in Bronze or Stainless Steel. All components are backed and manufactured by ASCO.


ASCO Components for Dust Collection System

ASCO ApplicationASCO Numatics provides the world's best-supported automation for dust collector systems. Our ultra-reliable valves, switches, actuators, and other components come with ensured availability and localized support that no other manufacturer can match. 

Check ASCO's Dust Collection web pages at http://www.ascovalve.com/Applications/Markets/DustCollector-Applications.aspx  

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